Reflect Basecamp

Running alongside the website, the Reflect Basecamp is an internet file sharing and networking site that host discussions and documents that are meant for practitioners only or that are simply too large to put up on the website. 

If you join Basecamp you will get messages from practitioners from time to time and can send messages or share documents and photos with other practitioners.

There are separate Basecamp sections for English, French, Spanish and Portuguese speakers. You can join all four if you like - just let us know which you are interested in.

There is also a multilingual section to enable contact between all practitioners internationally. We encourage users of the multilingual section to translate/summarise their messages in as many of the four working languages (English/French/Spanish/Portuguese) as they are able - there's lots of tolerance for errors.

If you decide the Basecamp is not for you, you can leave at any point.

Emma [dot] Pearceatactionaid [dot] org (Contact me) if you are a Reflect practitioner and would like to sign up to Basecamp.

Log in to Basecamp if you are already a member.