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Find out what Reflect means in action, from testimonies of individuals participating in Reflect processes and information on activities and groups in different countries and regions. Also, read about the International Reflect Circle (CIRAC), which brings together practitioners to share experiences, analyse trends and develop global resources, or in more detail about some of the organisations using Reflect.


Does anyone have details of

Does anyone have details of the REFLECT circles existing or recently existed in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar?


Hi Ray, You can visit our

Hi Ray,

You can visit our Tanzania page for further info:

I will also put you in touch with Reflect practitioners on our Basecamp forum, who may be able to help you.

Best wishes


Asia Reflect TOT has been

Asia Reflect TOT has been successfully in Kathmandu Nepal from April 25 - May 4, 011. There were 20 participants (10 Male/10 Female) from 7 countries; Afganistan, Bangladesh, India, Myanmaar, Nepal, Pakinstan and Vietnam.

Reflect Facilitators's Refresher Training is going to held from May 12 - 15 in Terathum, East hill district of Nepal. I will be there (and AAN team) for facilitation.

There seem not to be much

There seem not to be much information on the use of Reflect in Ghana. Can someone update me on situations or programmes in Ghana where Reflect has been used? Was the Reflect approach employed in the National Functional Literacy Programme(NFLP) in Ghana? Thanks.

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